​We provide the customer with an integral approach on product development

To come from an idea to final product engineers at Molded work together in multidisciplinary teams going through different phases:

1. ​Requirements specification

  • During this phase ideas and wishes from the customer are in close collaboration with our engineers translated to functional requirement specifications of the product (required strength, critical dimensions, impact resistance, surface finishing, durability, etc.)

  • Based on this intake, our engineers conduct research in feasible materials, discuss pros and cons with the customer and make a selection

2. ​Development phase

  • To meet the functional requirement specifications, which are digitally traced in our requirement management tooling, our engineers can work out multiple concepts and discuss these designs with the customer

  • Simulations and mold flow analysis are conducted in order to preliminary check the feasibility of product design versus requirements. This will speed up the process in a later stage, and prevent expensive tooling and reworks

3. Rapid prototyping

  • Besides product design, the mold is in-house designed, simulated and thereafter produced in-house

  • With the speed of our rapid manufacturing service we produce the first batch of products, where a part of this batch is used for validation against earlier determined requirements and another part is shipped directly to the customer​

  • If changes are preferred, our engineers act swiftly and quick turn-around times are guaranteed using our rapid manufacturing service (link)​

4. Industrialization

  • After approval of the customer, the design and manufacturing configurations are finalized and frozen

  • Production is made ready for on-demand service and the project can successfully be finished​

  • Re-order of parts takes place following our on-demand service (link) ​

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Customer advantages

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Turnaround time reduced on average with 30%

  • Average reduction of tooling costs of 15% compared to outsourced product design​

  • Lower price per part due to optimized design for manufacturability

Most applied in industries:

  • Construction & HVAC

  • Electronics

  • Medical disposables

  • Food industry

Metal replacement


In cooperation with world class suppliers of high-performance and increasingly sustainable thermoplastics we offer engineering projects where metal products (casting, CNC machining, etc) are replaced by plastic parts, completely engineered by Molded, and with same but often better specifications for a lower product price.

These type of projects follow the same steps as our other engineering projects, combined with an extensive validation phase

Often external parties are invited by Molded in order to support and guarantee product properties such as strength and durability

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Faster processing time than aluminium

Customer advantages

  • Product weight reduction

  • Less volatile to demand uncertainty

  • Virtual unlimited production capacity and no scale-up costs

  • Lower price per part compared to metal parts

  • Simplification of supply chain and reduction inventory costs

Most applied in industries:

  • Industrial equipment

  • Food industry

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

Plastic to plastic conversions

Our capabilities in injection molding are not well-known in other industries like the machining industry. This has as result that there are lots of plastic products that undergo milling or turning operations, wasting lots of unused material , with high prices as result.

To overcome some of these misconceptions, a short list of our capabilities:

    • Accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm in diameter​
    • Product strength is most often better when molded compared to machined due to material density ​
    • We have experience with (certified) food grade materials. Examples of applied materials: PP, HDPE, POM, PA​
    • We are also experts with products in the medical sector. Short list of applied materials in this sector:​ PEI, PC/ABS, PC, polyamide

To make this approach as accessible as possible, we offer our customers feasibility studies for free

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Customer advantages

  • Significant reduction in product price

  • Less material waste in production process​

  • Less volatile to demand uncertainty

  • Virtual unlimited production capacity and no scale-up costs​

  • implification of supply chain and reduction inventory costs​

Most applied in industries:

  • Food industry

  • Medical industry

  • Industrial equipment

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