Vertical integrated one-stop injection molding supplier for all your plastic products

  • Minimum order quantity starting from 25 pcs​

  • From design to delivery as fast as 8 days

  • Engineering at your service

What we do?



  • Ideal for rapid prototyping your products

  • Quantities stay low (from 25 to a few hundreds)

  • From final product design to first part delivery as fast as 8 days

  • Prescribed geometry and defined-range of materials

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On-demand manufacturing

  • Perfect for all types of products supporting their life-cycle

  • Quantities vary from 250 to a few hundred thousand

  • First part delivery within 25 days

  • Engineering for improved design and manufacturability

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  • Build-to-specification: from idea to end-product

  • Metal replacements: improve on weight, strength or just price

  • Plastic-to-plastic conversion: leverage the advantages of injection molding

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Why Molded?


  • Simulation and flow analysis are part of Molded expertise

  • Full control over quality parameters due to vertical integration

  • Process controls (quality control) on all manufacturing processes


  • In-house engineering for any customer challenge in wide variety of industries

  • Our innovative modular mold concept makes low-volume production cost efficient

  • Support in engineering from product idea to product realization


  • Tailored quotation within 48 hours

  • From part upload to first part delivery as fast as 8 days

  • On-demand production (re-order) within 3 days


  • Automations in non-recurrent engineering

  • We use the latest CAD, CAM and simulation software

  • All processes have a digital trace following the highest industry standards


  • No margin stacking in supply chain due to vertical integration

  • Ease of business with Molded as one-stop shop

  • Lower your inventory cost and be less volatile for demand uncertainty

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