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Molded offers two manufacturing services – rapid manufacturing is best suited in case part quantities stay low and is often associated with prototyping, on-demand manufacturing is a good fit when your product design requires more degrees of freedom or special types of materials.

Besides differences between two services provided, there are also important similarities:



Fast turn-around times in all active markets


Provided services cover your complete product cycle


All capabilities are in-house with highest quality standards

Rapid manufacturing

This service is ideal when rapid development in short period of time is crucial and part quantities stay low

0 parts
Minimum Order Quantity
0 parts
Maximum shot guarantee
0 days
From product design to first part delivery
0 %
Faster in bringing your product to market

Rapid prototyping

  • As fast as commercial-grade 3D printing with higher precision, more repeatability, and more scalability

  • Validate your prototypes with production-grade materials

  • Reduce financial risk before investing in high-volume tooling


  • Automated design analysis enables product optimization before manufacturing even begins

  • Simulation and flow analysis for risk mitigation guaranteeing high product quality

  • Inspection reports available on request

Materials & geometries

  • With this service we support only a selective set of materials and more strict geometries than the on-demand service in order to guarantee turnaround times

  • Medical and food grade materials are supported with this service

  • Complete list of supported materials, grades, geometries and finishes can be found here.

On-demand manufacturing is ideal if part quantities tend to get higher, lower price per part is important and fast replenishment during entire product cycle is a must

On-demand manufacturing

0 parts
Minimum Order Quantity

Maximum shot guarantee

0 days
For first part deliveries​
0 days
For re-order deliveries
0 %
Lower total cost of ownership

Supply chain

  • Mitigate risk of global shipping delays by having on-demand supply within 3 days​

  • Prevent back-orders in case of demand volatility; procure parts on-demand​

  • Reduce inventory costs and other logistical expenses with a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 250 pieces​


  • Our engineers are involved at an early stage to advise on material selection and product design ​

  • Ensure manufacturability, mitigate risks before investments, and reduce price per part

  • Combine on-demand manufacturing with any of our engineering services

Materials & geometries

  • On-demand service supports the use of high-performance thermoplastics, which are ideal for replacement of metal or other CNC machined products

  • Complete list of our capabilities provided with this service can be found here



Rapid manufacturing​

On-demand manufacturing​

First part delivery

Standard: 15 days​

Express: 8 days​

Standard: 25 days​

Materials​ & colors

See our selection


Shot guarantee

Standard: 500 parts

Maximum: 5.000 parts

Standard: ​product specific

Maximum: life-time


See our guidelines

Wide range of possibilities

Finishing options

  • As machined
  • Technical smooth
  • Rough textured (SPI D-3)
  • Satin textured (SPI D-1)

More information here

See all our options


According to DIN EN ISO 286-1 TG4​

Wide range of possibilities

Minimum Order


25 parts

250 parts

Product price​ (relative)



Tooling costs​ (relative)



Thread inserts



Molded (thread) inserts​






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